A New Year, A New You

We’re already a month into the new year. Where did the time go? I’ll bet you made a few resolutions. Have you broken them yet? Most of us make and break resolutions like clockwork. (I no longer make resolutions, I choose yearly themes, but that’s another blog.) When we break resolutions, we feel guilty, we fret, we beat ourselves up. Why? Because we make these great big resolutions, we decide this is the year that we become someone totally new, totally different, and need it be said — better. And it’s going to happen overnight! (Right?) December 31st – old you; January 1st – new you. We want to just flip a switch. But it doesn’t happen that way. And by February 1st, we have a resolution hangover.

This year, if you want to reinvent yourself, forget the big resolutions. And don’t give up just because you’ve already broken some. Instead: 1) clarify your vision of the new you, 2) determine what direction you must go to get there, and then 3) look at what small steps you can take in that direction. Baby steps. Baby steps are easy to take, easy to accomplish. But they can change your trajectory. In the beginning, you’re not in much of a different place. But over time, wow. Each month or each quarter, just take a look at that vision again, that direction again, and determine a few more baby steps you can take. If it’s a new career you’re angling for, you can start by learning more about the field, possibly online, or through a class, or by finding someone in the field and talking with them about their work. Find out what skills or knowledge you need to move into this type of work and plan your next baby steps around obtaining them. And so on. Just keep at it, all year, each year, and soon, you will look back and realize you’re in a really different place.
You will have reinvented yourself.

People in creative fields do it all the time, but as LLCoolJ said in a recent interview, “Reinvention is not just for celebrities…it is for all humanity.” The pity is that most of us give up too soon. So, plan your baby steps and pace yourself. You can get there from here!


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