Month: March 2010

Career wellness checkup progress

Well, we’re 35+ days in and nearing the end. A few lessons learned:

1. 45 days is a looong time to draw out an exercise like this – could have used an abbreviated version, BUT-
2. A daily reminder really does help one focus
3. It’s a good vetting of the questions I drafted for my tool, which will measure career wellness on dimensions such as organization savvy, knowledge and skill, and network. I’m looking forward to using it in speaking engagements
4. It’s time to shoe the cobbler’s children

Yes, that’s right – I’m going to take advantage of Spring fever and not only get my Spring cleaning done, but catch up on my career wellness to-do’s such as looking at where I want to be in 5 years, determining my gaps and updating my action plan, not to mention my resume. ‘Tsk, tsk” you say? No up-to-date resume? I know. My excuse is the same as yours: I don’t plan to use it anytime soon. But that’s really no excuse is it? We never know when we will need it, as the past two years have reminded us with a whack upside the head. Besides, it will prompt me to update my LinkedIn profile, my bio, my Twitter profile…and so on. I hope you’re doing the same.

If you’ve missed some of the entries, and would like a copy of the full tool when it’s ready for prime-time, post a comment here or email me directly at