Celebrate the season and a new year

Wow, can it be two months since my last post?  Apparently so.  Considering the interesting twists in my own career this Fall perhaps it is to be expected.  The most well defined change for me was being asked to join the adjunct faculty at Rollins College, and teach a class in the Masters of Human Resources program from which I graduated over a decade ago.  I absolutely loved it!  Of course, I knew I would.  It is something that has been ‘on my path’ my entire life.

I am now enjoying a little downtime and of course, celebrating the holidays.  I hope you are too.  Everyone needs downtime, to recharge, redefine or both.  And finding time to be grateful for our family, our faith, or whatever we appreciate in this life is a non-negotiable as we like to say in the corporate world.  Happy holidays to you!


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