Month: April 2012

Making the most of a new job after a layoff

credit: Karl Sinfield CCA-SA

You’ve just landed a new job after a rocky journey through Unemploymentland.  Now, it’s time to relax, right?  Breathe a sigh of relief and just let life get back to normal, right? Right?

No way.

If you want to not just survive, but thrive, attend to these three key issues:


Given what you now know first-hand about the job market, you understand all too well the need to have a financial cushion.

  • If your unemployment was shorter than expected, you may actually be the recipient of a financial windfall. It just might be a good idea to stash away that extra cash.
  • If your unemployment was longer than expected, begin replenishing your savings right away.  Keep your pared-down lifestyle and spending habits and put away those extra dollars.  It may take time to regain the position you were in before.


Establish a strong foundation right from the beginning.

  • Make a 30-60-90 day plan for yourself, even if no one requires it of you.  At a minimum, learn about your company, your department, who the stakeholders in your work are, how your work will be measured, and what and who your resources are.
  • Show a strong work ethic from the very beginning. You have to earn credibility and respect. But, also set your boundaries with intention right from the get-go.  Whatever you establish at the beginning is what people will expect going forward.


I see people all the time who are not prepared for the emotional challenges that come with re-employment.  Expect to be uncomfortable.

  • You will be on a steep learning curve again and, while it can be exciting, it can also be stressful.  Be forgiving of yourself as you grow.
  • Your ego may have taken a hit and it may take time to rebuild your confidence.  Acknowledge and celebrate what you bring to this new table.  They hired you for a reason – you’ve got what they want.
  • You may find you are physically worn-out as well.  Take care of yourself physically – eat well, sleep well.  If your foundation is weak,you will be more emotionally vulnerable.

It is said that every ending is also a beginning.  Make the most of yours.