Month: May 2012

Permission to reflect

I just came back from a great conference with my WOMEN Unlimited, Inc. “family” (  As part of it, we heard from the amazing and inspiring Val Williams ( She shared with us some tips on Building Your Personal Foundation. 

Wow, what a difference an hour can make!

Why?  Well, yes, because Val is an amazing facilitator and coach.  But, also, because the session gave us permission to reflect.  We always have that permission, of course, but how many of us give it to ourselves on a regular basis?

In a perfect world, we’d sit down with ourselves once a quarter or so, and reflect on whether what we are doing is in alignment with what we really value, whether we have relaxed too many boundaries, are tolerating too many things or whether we are, indeed, on track.  But this isn’t a perfect world.

That’s why we need coaches and mentors, formal and informal.  When we commit to time with a coach, we are committing to time with our self.  And we need that.  Without reflection, our work lives and our personal lives can get distorted.

Who is coaching or mentoring you?

If the answer is “no one”, don’t wait another minute – think of at least 1-3 people who would be excellent mirrors for you.  Ask them to help you by just being there a few times a year to talk about your personal and professional development.  Schedule the first discussion or meeting right away.

Go ahead and give yourself permission to reflect.