Give yourself a gift this holiday season

Yeah, that’s right, I said it: give yourself a gift this holiday season. Sounds selfish? Maybe. But waaaay too many people are too unselfish all year long when it comes to their professional care and feeding.  They put themselves last and somehow never rise to first on their priority list.

Have you gone to a conference this year? Taken a class? Obtained a certification? Attended a professional association meeting? If not, what’s your excuse?

No time? Your company didn’t pay for it?  It’s not required to do your job?

I hate to be too blunt, but how are those excuses going to help you down the road?  You and I both know they won’t.

What will help you, whether you want to move up or across in your organization or move on to a new organization, is the most up-to-date skills and knowledge in your field. And the evidence that you are constantly learning, and you take the initiative rather than sitting back,  waiting for someone else to drive your growth.

So, get out there and find a class or a seminar. Take the time to attend year-end professional events. Buy the latest business book or two and read them. There are many things you can do.  Today!

Don’t wait for someone else – give yourself a gift this holiday season by investing in your future,


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