CWC #1

Do you know who your internal clients are?  Take my quick Career Wellness Checkup poll:

Unless you are the CEO, you absolutely have internal clients of some sort. These may or may not be the actual recipients of your services. They are the individuals who have the ability to control or strongly influence whether or not the services provided by you, your team or your department will be “purchased”/utilized.  For example, if you are in IT, every person who has a budget which they can allocate to technology if they choose is a client or potential client.

This doesn’t mean you should ignore the recipients of your services when they don’t hold the purse-strings. They may have influence on the decisionmakers even if they, themselves, aren’t actually making the purchasing decision. But it’s important to know who actually makes the cost/value judgement at the end of the day.



  1. Peggy, I like your definition – those who can decide to use your services. Internally, since there is rarely a cost for staff-type services, it gets a little cloudy. I have seen it happen where a “client” enlists the service, but when the project is done, it hasn’t received the blessing of the real client, so it goes un-implemented. That really talks to both making sure who the buyer really is, but perhaps also, contracting internally with them.

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