CWC #2

Do you have a good relationship with your leader?  Take my quick Career Wellness Checkup poll:

Your direct leader is in the best position to tout you or torpedo you. They will generally be perceived as the most credible source when it comes to your performance. If you don’t have a good relationship, how realistic is it to expect that they will advocate for you? For that project you really want to participate in, for that promotion, for that bonus?

You don’t have to be their best friend, but if you are talking smack behind their back, the negativity is coming through somewhere, trust me.  Recognize that your leader is an important part of your network. They may become a mentor, a sponsor. Don’t neglect that relationship or but develop it.



  1. Peggy, it’s interesting that you talk about a leader advocating for their team members. That is an element of leadership courage that is so important, but often missed because the leader is trying to hard NOT to lose someone for one reason or another. I was talking recently with a friend who wants and is qualified for a new role, but the leader is not advocating because of a fear of losing a strong performer. There are many reasons for this, but it is an interesting element for effective leadership.

    1. So true Carol. Sometimes even when there is a good relationship and good performance, the advocacy is not there. Sometimes, in the short-term it’s understandable and even necessary for a manager to “preserve” their resources. Of course, in the long-run the relationship with that strong performer who wants to move forward in the organization will suffer and, in my experience, many leave the organization altogether. Sometimes managers learn from those experiences and sometimes they re-live the same mistake over and over again. On the flip side, I find it interesting to sometimes see those who complain openly and often about their manager, also complain about not being promoted, and they don’t seem to realize the cause and effect relationship there.

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