CWC #5

Do you know the unwritten rules of success in your workplace?

If you’re not sure, you don’t. In order to know them, you have to pay attention. You have to observe which behaviors get rewarded and which don’t. Sometimes they’re in alignment with the corporate values statement or policies and sometimes they’re not. Sounds like one big grey area, right? Well, yes. Which is why many people get tripped up. But pay attention to those who have already attained success in the organization. How do they operate?  They’ve figured it out the unwritten rules and you might too, if you observe them.  Also, if you’ve got an internal mentor, or someone else you trust, even better. Why not ask them?


One comment

  1. Good advice, Peggy. Being clear on the unwritten rules is so important because that really establishes the organization’s culture, which then leads to how well someone fits within the culture. Fitting the culture of an organization can mean the difference between loving your work and struggling.

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