about the career muse

As the career muse, Peggy shares her musings on the art of professional life.  A career crossing the fields and industries of management consulting, human resources, banking, law and retail, in environments from micro-businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations leaves her well-equipped to pontificate on professional life.

Peggy leads a consulting practice, Thrive Development Partners, LLC. Visit their website at http://www.thrive-development.com.Thrive logo thumbnail


  1. Peggy – I applaud what you’re doing – keep up the good work. I blog about similar things and would be happy to share some of your posts with my readers (your permission, of course). I focus on the importance of “Critical Skills” which include: Communications, Production, Information, Analysis, Technology, Interpersonal, Time Management, and Continued Education. If you want to check it out, the address is: http://criticalskillsblog.com. I’m not trying to sell anything – just seem to be on the same sort of mission as you. Good luck! ~ CCJ


    1. Thanks Charles! I’m happy for you to share my content with your readers (with attribution). I checked out your site and agree – we are on a common mission! So, I’d like to do likewise as well, and I’d like to add you to my blogroll. Best, Peggy


      1. Thanks, Peggy. Ill post something in the next few days. In the meantime, you might be interested in one of my other blogs that has to do with career management. You might find it useful and fun – easy to understand and quite powerful. http://thedoomloop blog.com

        ~ CC


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