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Under Thrive Development Partners, LLC, Peggy offers consulting and coaching services to organizations and individuals in the areas of leadership, professional development, team dynamics and career growth. Below is a sampling of services available. To learn more, inquire via email at peggy (at) thrive-development (dot) com.


  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Professional brand development
  • Professional communications – in person, in writing and online
  • Networking skills

Intact Work Teams

  • New Leader Transition workshops
  • Team Development workshops
  • Team Dynamics workshops based on FIRO-B®, DiSC® or LIFO®
  • Role & Goal clarification

Group Facilitation

  • Becoming a More Strategic Leader
  • Career Wellness: It’s Up To You
  • Lay Your Own Path: Career Journeying
  • Networking: In Person and Online
  • Some of the Best Leaders are Introverts
  • The Art of Business Dining
  • The Art of Developing High Performing Teams
  • The Art of Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • The Art of Influencing Without Authority
  • The Art of Self-Development
  • The Art of Working a Room with Ease and Confidence
  • The Hidden Language of Power

Clients say…

Peggy was an integral part of my development as a leader. I was able to dig deep into the challenges I was faced with and strategize the best path forward. I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to be coached by her. 

Katie W. ~ Crummer MBA

Peggy’s ability to help me simplify my work life and eliminate things that were unproductive was revolutionary. I am now more focused on the things that really matter. Peggy’s much more than a professional development coach, she’s a great life coach! 

Ari D. ~ Founder, The Soil Company

Peggy’s personality and ease with which she leads and facilitates encourages engagement of her audiences, whether she is in a 1×1 situation or presenting to several. 

Jane T. ~ Executive Director

She was an absolutely phenomenal coach throughout the entire class. It is easy to tell that Peggy is genuinely passionate about helping others develop and succeed. Her positive attitude is infectious! I’d be happy to take another course with Peggy again! 

Emily B. ~ Rooms Inventory Manager

After being self-employed for the last 8 years the depleted economic climate forced me to make a dramatic career course adjustment.  Subsequently, I engaged Peggy to organize my nebulous career and achievements in terms that hiring managers and HR staff look for.  It was immediately clear that Peggy was sharp as a tack and had the experience, skill and knowledge to offer superb career advice.  Peggy is an active listener and she clearly cares about her clients. She delivered an extraordinary resume in a timely manner and with outstanding customer service.  I am very pleased with the results.  

~David, Crummer Graduate School of Business PMBA 2002

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