Nurturing the Creative You

When we think of creativity we think of Artists with a capital A. Truth be told, I am guilty of this myself. I am enamoured with artists, which is most likely a sign of the frustrated artist within me.

But creativity is not the realm of the zealous few. I have worked with hundreds of people over the years, mostly in corporate America, and I have come to believe most people harbor an artist within. It’s a truly exciting idea–that as a species we are inherently creative. When I talk with people, it usually takes only a question or two to scratch beneath the surface and find the artist lurking there. (Most people don’t ask, but I do.) And I discover to my great joy that they are writing a screenplay or a novel, or they paint or enjoy photography, or sing or play an instrument or compose or make jewelry or lamps, or they build beautiful furniture. The list is endless because the possibilities are endless. For me this is part of the excitement. I’m a person who absolutely loves possibilities. And I get excited when I see others open to new possibilities.

I believe nurturing the artist within can help us with our careers even if we are not making a living at our art. Exercising our creativity in one area strengthens the muscle and helps us be more creative, more open, more flexible in other areas. And to succeed in any profession today we must be flexible.

Entreprenuers are a unique brand of artist. Even if they do nothing in a so-called creative field, they are literally creating– building businesses. And thank goodness! They create a means of earning a living for so many others. They bring goods and services to market that are necessary for, or enrich our lives. Even outside of entrepreneurism, today we must all create our careers and keep reinventing ourselves to stay relevant in the marketplace. Gone are the days of lifetime employment with a single employer.

So do your art, whatever it may be and do not apologize for it. You are strengthening the muscles you will need to sustain you today and into the future.