new year

Always Be Learning

Twenty-two days into 2018, I’ve finally come up with my theme for the year. I rarely make resolutions; instead, I pick a theme—sometimes a word, sometimes a phrase—to use as my North Star for one trip around the sun. Whatever the theme, it can’t be plucked out of a hat; It has to resonate deeply for me.

At the end of last year, I took time to introspect, to ask what really moves me right now? And the answer was: I don’t know. Sometimes life is like that—we’re in an “in-between” space.  I tried to introspect harder. A few good ideas came to mind but they didn’t stick. So I let go and trusted that it would come to me in its own time.

And  now…I’ve fixed upon one that kept creeping up in different forms and forums. I’m taking that old sales proverb “always be closing” and twisting it into what really drives me: learning.

My theme for 2018 is…Always be Learning.

It’s similar to the theme I chose the year I launched my consulting practice, which was to be uncomfortable as possible as often as possible. I knew I’d have to be to have a chance at making my business a success. It worked so well, I kept the same theme for the next four years. Years later, my business is thriving (no pun intended) so I can heartily recommend that one. I tried so many new things and had experiences I’m sure I wouldn’t have otherwise.

After a while, I got tired of failing soooo much and being really bad at things and I decided to focus a bit more and polish the stone. Again, I’m happy I did. It feels good to when you master things. This year’s theme blends the best of both of those, I think. Whether I’m trying something new or doing something I’ve done before, I want to be intentional about learning from the experience. I want to be intentional about learning certain things as well. So this year, I will make a few resolutions, both personal and professional, that focus my mind on what I want to learn this year.

I am finally—finally—excited about 2018, and I hope you are, too. Happy New Year!