CWC #10

Have you completed any classroom, online or on-the-job training in the past 12 months?

Ch-ch-ch-chaaanges. Everything changes.  Faster than ever it seems. Systems. Structures. Methods. Processes. Technology.  If you aren’t keeping up, you’re falling behind.  It’s that simple.  Are you going to sit back and wait for your employer to require you to take classes, learn new skills, gain new certifications?  What if they never do?  Who loses in that equation? You do. When you find that your skills aren’t competitive in the job market, you’ll be playing catch-up.  You could be at a disadvantage when seeking new opportunity, even within your own company.

Let your Skills do the talking on LinkedIn

Last year, I wrote a post about creating a robust profile on LinkedIn.  It’s time to update that because of the  new(ish) LinkedIn feature called Skills.  It has been in beta testing for a long time, and technically still is, but I believe it’s here to stay.  LinkedIn has incorporated it into the initial profile building process.  For those of you who joined LinkedIn a year ago or more, you didn’t get pushed through this process automatically, but it is easy to remedy that now.

The Skills feature has great functionality which benefits recruiters, job seekers and passive candidates alike.  Recruiters in particular, who have access to special features as part of upgraded/focused account types, can and do “power search” in the Skills feature.   This will only work to your advantage if you have skills listed!

Here’s one quick way to identify relevant skills and add them to your profile:

  • Under the More menu, click on Skills
  • In the search box, enter a primary skill that you use in your work (or otherwise possess) and search…
  • On the resulting page, read the description of that skill in the center column and look at the people listed below to see whether this skill is a good “match” for your profile — consider your professional brand.
  • If so, click on the blue Add Skill button.  This skill will now show on your profile.
  • Check out the list of related skills in the column on the left.  Click any which may be a fit, and repeat the process above.  You will soon have a robust set of skills on your profile.