Career Wellness Checkup #15

So you’re on social media.

How well are you managing your brand?

Whether you’re on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, blogs or anything else, you need to realize that every word you write, every picture you share and every connection you make becomes part of your brand.

Here are few tips for actively managing your brand in a way that’s healthy for your career:

1)  Stay engaged. Update, comment, share, tweet or retweet regularly.  When you do, it reminds people that you’re there and often leads them back to your profile.

2) Keep your content aligned with your brand.  If you randomly share anything and everything, you will dilute your brand.  If you’re a tech person, share mostly on tech topics. If you’re a finance person, share mostly on finance. That doesn’t mean you should never color outside the lines but maintain the right balance. A little bit creates interest and dimension. Too much creates confusion.

3) Like, comment on or share content of others with relevant content.  People appreciate it when you share what they say and bring attention to their brand. If they like your content, they may reciprocate. 

4) Stay current.  You are always changing and growing.  Therefore, your profiles and what you share should change too. Read your profile on a regular basis and adjust as needed.

Career Wellness Checkup #13

The first quarter of the year is gone.  Like many companies, I reviewed how the year has gone so far, and I decided some tweaks were in order.  The titles of my posts (CWC #x) was quick and easy, but not so great for Twitter. So, I’m writing it out now: Career Wellness Checkup #x.

I also realized it was time for a checkup of my Checkup because I did not have a focus on virtual brand and social media in the original Career Wellness Checkup. Crazy, huh?  Considering, here I am on social media talking about it.

I’m revising my Checkup as we speak and here is the first question I’m adding:

Do you know your social profile? 

In other words, do you know where you are “showing up” online?  You should know if you are on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or any other social network.  But do you know what people can & do see about you there, depending on how they are connected to you or not?  And there may be information online about you that you did not put there.

Here’s a fun exercise: Google yourself. If you have a common name, add the name of your city or your company to your search.  You might be surprised at what comes up.

Recruiters, potential clients, potential employers and employees – they all have access to information about you, just clicks away.  What will they see?  Next week, I’ll talk about taking control of your social profile.