CWC #12

Do you know colleagues within your company but outside your workteam?

Too many people downplay and even look down on the idea of proactively getting to know others within their company with whom they don’t directly work.

“I don’t socialize at work.”

“I don’t play politics.” 

“That’s just wasting time.”

These are a few excuses people give.  Yes, I say excuses, because often what I find out is that they are simply uncomfortable reaching out and initiating communication and this is how they justify not doing so. Sometimes I find people are simply unaware of how important relationships are in business.

Talking to more people in more areas of your business gives you a broader perspective, which generally makes your solutions better.  You also may have an easier time gaining approval for your solutions if you have more advocacy particularly across departmental lines.  And, you just may be able to give not just get, and help your organization in the process.  Overall, it helps you to be more effective across the board.  Could you be more effective than you are today?

CWC #6

Do you read materials from outside your industry or field?

Why outside? Put simply, the more widely read you are, the more likely to have a broader view of where your company fits into the world at large. Of how new technology, consumer trends or economic conditions elsewhere may affect the business. It allows you to be more strategic and I would suggest, more creative. Not to mention, a whole lot more interesting.

One of my favorite outlets for reading that expands my mind is Fast Company (magazine or online.)  What do you like to read?